How to Grow Your Plant Collection

A stem of an elephant ear plant – perfect for your side table

My grandmother, a passionate gardener, always had vases filled with cuttings from various plants at her house. She would spot a beautiful plant at a friend’s house or on a walk through her neighbourhood and then would proceed to cut off a stem (with permission, of course!). Later, she would plop the stem in water.

This is an easy and cost-effective guide to help you grow your plant collection.

A stem in a glass of water for your home office

First and foremost, when you cut off a plant stem, make sure it is a sharp cut and a healthy stem. Then, remove the lower leaves off the stem and simply plop the stem into a vase or glass filled with water.

Let the roots of the stem grow

Change the water in the container periodically and watch the roots grow at the end of the stem. Some experts recommend sprinkling rooting hormone powder, like Miracle-Gro, into the water. However, this is personal preference and not mandatory.

Plant your stems in a planter

Eventually, once there are enough roots at the end of your stem, you can plant the stem in your garden or in a planter.

Growing plants from cuttings is a great winter project.  You can simply get one or two plants from the garden centre and make multiple stem cuttings from them. It’s a good trick if you want a large number of plants for a flower bed.

Try it out with a plant that roots easily and let me know what you think. This is truly a quick and cost-effective way to grow your plant collection.

Have you ever tried growing a plant from cuttings? How did it turn out? 

6 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Plant Collection

  1. I loved this piece! I have fresh cuttings all over my house! such a simple, cheap and easy way to add a little quirky (and low maintenance) colour to the house. I’ve never been able to keep them alive when I plant them though. I may need your gardening assistance.

    1. I know, cuttings are the best for home decor and all that jazz.

      Do you plant them outside right away or in a planter? I would really make sure there are a lot of roots on the cuttings and then I would plant it in a planter and let it adjust inside your house, before letting it brave the great outdoors.

  2. I don’t trust myself to cut anything, they still make me use the safety scissors. The problem with growing my plant collection is that the plants keep dying on me, I have an anti-green finger.

    1. My grandmothers always told me to talk to my plants. Trust me, they hear you. Maybe then they will stop dying on you.

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